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VIETDATE – Social network dating, be friends and tim nguoi yeu, a non-profit product from HK Studio.Vietdate provides friend-making, dating and lover-finding features to the Vietnamese community looking for lovers and dates.

You are single and want to find a friend to date but your social relationships do not help you find the other half as desired. So let Vietdate online dating app help you find the right audience to your wishes!

Vietdate understands the difficulties when you have to spend too much time, cost and effort to find half your heart. With the desire to bring you closer together, tim ban bon phuong, give you more opportunities when going your other half. And that is also the reason why the application was born for you to have a great experience from the features that the software brings.

All users of Vietdate are controlled by the system, filtering information securely, so everyone trusts and uses the App are serious individuals in the love story, the main purpose is to identify the search as well as connect with the rest of you to find the remaining piece of the puzzle always understand. , sympathy and sharing with me.Vietdate’s strengths are extremely high security systems.Participants need to update information and images in detail and continuously, so the user quality on the App is very high and quickly removes individuals with bad intentions.Besides, the application is committed to ensuring the security of your personal information, and also provides you with very own integration features only available in Vietdate, so the App is very safe when chatting.

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Company Name: Vietdate
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone No: +815068677135
Country: Vietnam
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