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Las Vegas Police | “Kill yourself,” They Told mentally ill Dad after Police Brutality

Police Brutality continues as Jae Copeland A.K.A. Lucifer menace hand was fractured in two places. Lucifer Menace releases his new music 2020 titled “Where’s my Daughter”

Las Vegas local rapper Jae Copeland who is popularly known as Lucifer menace narrates his horror experience in the hands of wicked police officers in Nevada. The sad incident occurred on April 3, 2020, when the officers busted into the musician apartment while relaxing with his girlfriend on a baseless allegation of sending threatening texts.

Lucifer Menace explained to the officers that he was not in the right state of mind and could not remember anything because he’s nursing borderline personality disorder” with episodic suicidal tendencies. But unfortunately, the officers turned deaf hears to his claim and started assaulting him physically.

While narrating this bitter experience, Lucifer Menace said “they proceeded to arrest me, brought me to their “Code Blue Booking” to book me and began physically beating on me outside with 5 other officers screaming things like “Stop resisting” and “Kill yourself, nobody likes you, Jae”. His hand was brutally fractured in two places before they tied him on a torture chair with seat belts that were tightened hard. In addition to this, the officers dislocated his shoulder and severed his wrist from hand at the bone. To make the matter worse, Lucifer menace was locked in a white room without booking and was stripped naked for 3 days in isolation without his mental meds.

Through his public defender “Jeremy Wood”: who is adamant to give in to a guilty plea, Lucifer menace filed a lawsuit against the DA since last month and is currently waiting for a response. L. menace is currently facing up to 20 years of prison time for a TEXT MESSAGE they have no proof he ever sent. The investigators continue to ask him if he’s a terrorist and whether his fans were going to “kill people at”, with a claim that they were sent by Jeff Bezos.

Lucifer Menace Releases His 2020 Music despite the Challenges Facing Him

Las Vegas Rap artist L. Menace continues to rock the show by dropping his music video titled “Where’s my Daughter”, the music was used to discuss Parental Alienation syndrome.

You’re humbly invited to watch the video and follow the company profile

About Lucifer Menace

Lucifer Menace gained 12,000 fans in 2019. The steady rise of 100 fans a day. Horrocore rap artist on the rise getting a lot of controversial attention and makes music provoke inspiration and perception. He’s said to be the Marilyn Manson of Hip-hop!

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