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One Star International Company is No.1 oral care brand for kids in korea manufacturer & distributor of 360 degree manual and sonic toothbrush

  • No.1 Brand in Korea, export to 20 countries

Toothbrushes with 40% market share in Korea

We have got a patent of Washer-ring and applied into the toothbrush so the bristles can last longer. It enables each layer to rotate itself when kids bite & chew, so bristle is not damaged.


Proven to remove two times more dental plaque after brushing left to right 10 times.

Our toothbrushes have never rejected from the stores for a recent decade, being ranked at 1st in the Kids market.

  • Safe Toothbrush

USA_FDA Registered, + KC (Korea) + CE (Europe) : Reliable certificates and quality

These parts re being produced in three countries Korea, China and Japan and will be produced in Vietnam in near future. Design & Engineering are done by Korea HQ. Products are made by Korea with a perfect inspection, which is OEM in Japan, China and Korea etc. We are the only manufacturer in Korea for kids sonic toothbrush.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: One Star International Manager (PARK EUN JI)
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Country: Korea
Website Url:

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