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The Former Prime Minister Wants Canada’s Population to Grow to 100 million.

The Former Prime Minister of Canada – Brian Mulroney, wants the Population of Canada to grow to 100 million. ‘We need more people, a lot more.”, he quoted.

The Former Prime Minister of Canada – Brian Mulroney, wants the Population of Canada to grow to 100 million. ‘We need more people, a lot more.”, he quoted. 

Brian Mulroney spoke at a forum last week that was hosted by the Globe and Mail and Century Initiative and said that Canada needs to grow its population to 100 million by 2100. 

The ideas given by the former Prime Minister to boost the population growth of Canada were already present in Century Initiative’s agenda. According to data, Canada’s birth rate is not enough to replenish the population on its own. Canada has many immigrants. Without immigration, the country’s low birth rate and an ageing workforce will negatively affect the working-age population and put a financial burden on the country. These effects are not seen so much now but would definitely be felt as 9 million baby boomers reach the age of retirement. 

Canada has increased the number of immigrants to solve demographic problems. In the year 2019, immigration alone was responsible for about 80 percent of Canada’s population growth. However, the Century Initiative believes more needs to be done for a prosperous future of Canada. 

What Does Mulroney Have To Say?

At the forum last week, Mulroney said that a new national policy has to be made that would commit to increasing Canada’s population by the end of 2100. To make the matter more serious, he proposed a white paper. A white paper is a proposal that can change policy if it gets approval from the public and government. 

To approve of a policy presented in a white paper, it is significant to get the approval of the public. If this idea goes forward, issuing a white paper on increasing population growth would definitely call for discussion on various topics, including strengthening an immigration system, merits of immigration in Canada, and so on. 

Why does Canada need to Increase the Population to 100 million?

The Century Initiative has given a glimpse of what the world looks like in 2100. They have estimated the Population of Canada to be 49.7 million. In this projected future, the fertility rate is still low, and immigration rates haven’t changed. Also, the economic growth of the country falls to half of what it has been over the past 50 years. 

Alternatively, a Canada with a population of 100 million people has a different picture altogether. This Canada is growing economically and has a much younger population. GDP growth is also increasing, and there is more taxpayer money to contribute to the infrastructure and social programs of the country. 

The Century Initiative has also predicted that densely populated cities would also allow for more access to transportation infrastructure and environment-friendly housing. Moreover, a Canada with a population of 100 million would make the country vibrant and powerful. 

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