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Cleaning Company Takes Big Steps Towards Going Green

Despite industry standards and hefty out of pocket costs, the company, Phoenix Tile And Grout Cleaning, is determined to do their part in contributing to a safe environment. For the past 45 days they’ve been transitioning all of their gasoline pressure washing and extraction units to all-new electric machines (ETMs). As they venture into uncharted territory, they hope to achieve an increased rate of customer satisfaction and contribute to a safer environment, all while bettering the quality of their service. The company offers many valuable and insightful resources, in hopes of helping people better understand the cleaning industry.

In today’s time, the majority of cleaning and restoration businesses utilize gas powered truck-mounted pressure washing units to clean tile and grout. As time goes on and technology advances within the industry, this method of cleaning is becoming commonly known as outdated. Gas-powered truck-mounts can emit carbon monoxide and its toxicity throughout the customer’s home, making any project dangerous for both the customer and technician. Additionally, traditional gas-powered units can be a huge inconvenience for most types of customers, this is because they’re loud and noisy by nature, take longer to finish grout cleaning projects due to cooling precautions, and require lengthy setup procedures.

The team at Phoenix Tile And Grout Cleaning has made the decision to transition into electric truck-mounted units, not only to avoid the downsides of gas-powered units, but to reap the benefits of ETMs. This is something they feel should be celebrated, as they’ve been working towards this goal long before bringing their brand online.

“A lot of time and energy has gone into this transition, and we really hope our existing and prospective customers appreciate it. I think once we’re able to effectively showcase the fact that electric equipment does a much better job at cleaning, our customers will be very happy. Our company is excited to see even cleaner tile and grout, all while utilizing tools that are drastically more favorable to all parties.”- said Sabrina Cane

Electric pressure washing and extraction units provide a ton of rewarding attributes as compared to traditional gas-powered ones. With higher water pressure, more suction power, and increased mobility, you can expect your grout and tile flooring to turn out cleaner than what a gas machine could ever do. ETMs are safer for grout and natural stones such as travertine, marble, and flagstone, this is because the water jet PSI is adjustable. This is a feature that allows the technician to assess the condition of your tile, and make an educated decision as to what PSI is effective yet safe for the job. Aside from benefits regarding their services, ETMs also offer zero carbon monoxide emissions, safer working conditions, environmentally safe, and 95% less noise decibels. These are all key components that have contributed to the company’s decision to make such a drastic change in their operations.

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