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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Taking Inspiration from the World of Fashion, Framar Turns Everyday Salon Supplies into Limited-Edition “Must Have” Collections

London, UK / At a time in history where nearly any item you’ve ever wanted is available to you with the click of a button, nothing causes a stir quite like the release of a product that takes a little bit of extra effort to get your hands on. It’s not exactly a new concept; scarcity has been driving the fine art world for centuries, but in more recent decades, fashion houses ranging from the Ultra-Luxe to Cheap-Chic have recognized the fervor that can be created by the release of a Limited-Edition collection.

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Whether it’s the work of a hairstylist backstage at a runway show, or the latest trends being worn by staff at the world’s hippest salons, fashion and professional beauty have become inextricably linked, so it got the team at salon professional hair tool brand, Framar thinking, “Why couldn’t we do that?”

“We operate in an industry that is driven by trends,” says Francesco Gallo, who runs Marketing at Framar, “so why not embrace it, and create a trend with our own products?” Their idea was to create a Limited-Edition color of their now-iconic Pop Ups, aluminum foil that hairstylists use when creating highlights in their client’s hair. “The response we got on that first Limited-Edition Pop Up blew us away,” added Gallo.

The response was so positive in fact, when the Limited-Edition foil sold out, Framar was bombarded on their website and social media for requests to bring it back. Rather than just re-release the same color though, they decided to turn Limited-Edition products into a part of the brand’s ethos; a decision that has spawned over a dozen Limited-Edition colored foils, and evolved to include other items such as Detangle Brushes, Hair Clips, and other salon essentials.

Utilizing popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to build anticipation for the drop of a new Limited-Edition Collection has allowed Framar to build the type of customer loyalty and engagement that most brands in their segment can only dream of. Not only do hairstylists show their appreciation by snatching these collections up in record time, but the amount of organic content they create featuring Framar continues to grow in both it’s quantity and creativity.

The strategy is paying dividends. At one time, available only to hairstylists in their home country of Canada, Framar products are now distributed in over 70 countries around the world. “Every time we release a new Limited-Edition collection, requests for our products pour in from more new countries,” shares Giovanni, Francesco’s brother who heads up Sales with the brand.

“When our Mother and Father created Framar,” Giovanni continues, “we knew their vision was to be a brand that stood for being innovative, and on always making products that hairstylists would be proud to create with. It’s been really humbling to see that vision continue to grow across the globe.”


Founded in 1986, in Niagara Falls, Canada, Framar was born as a matter of necessity for Husband-and-Wife team Frank and Maria Gallo (FRA-MAR). After travelling to the UK to take a class on hair color, Frank discovered the use of foil in the high-end salons in London. He knew this was something he wanted to implement into his own salons, but upon returning home, Frank and Maria discovered that there were no companies manufacturing aluminum foil for salon professionals in Canada. They decided to take matters into their own hands, and with that Framar’s first ever product was born.

Fast forward to today and Framar now makes over 100 products and is sold in over 70 countries around the world. Branded as a company that is always at the forefront of industry trends, Framar’s inspiration is to make products for the salon professional that promote excitement and creativity in the stylists who use their products.

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