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Which are the best robotic vacuum cleaners in 2021? Recommend top four picks as below

New York City, NY- All of us have had experienced the irony of not wanting to clean up but desiring a clean environment. Fortunately, the emergence of vacuum robots perfectly solves this dilemma and has become the new household favorite. Every house would not be complete without one. However, many consumers tend to follow whatever that happens to be trending and end up buying products that are not suitable for them. Here are four high performing vacuum robot recommendations in 2021 from various brands.

1. Which are the best vacuum robots in 2021? UONI vacuum robot

The vacuum robot V980 Plus is equipped with the eighth-generation laser navigation system, which can accurately map out the layout of your home, generating a visual map in the palm of your hand, enabling meticulous planning and full coverage of cleaning without missing a single spot or making mistakes such as repeated cleaning. Moreover, it is now upgraded and equipped with an automatic dust disposal system, which can clear up dirt in the dust box at a whooping high speed of 10 seconds, achieving a stunning dust collection rate of 99%, eliminating the hassle of manual cleaning and realizing a real hands-free experience.

2. Which are the best sweeping robots in 2021? iRobot vacuum robot

For corner cleaning, iRobot Roomba S9+ not only improved their robot’s body structure for a better fit, but is also specially designed with PerfectEdge technology, which allows the vacuum robot to clean edges and corners thoroughly. In addition, it also uses a double-effect combination wide rubber brush, which can effectively remove dust and hair on the floor. Another point to take note is that the Roomba S9+ is equipped with an automatic dust collection system and charging stand, so you do not need to manually clean the dust box by yourself in the future, keeping your hands-free and you worry-free.

3. Which are the best sweeping robots in 2021? Roborock vacuum robot

The Roborock S7 vacuums the floor with sonic vibration, which can effectively remove floor stains. At the same time, there are 4 suction and 3 floor scrubbing strength options, meeting different cleaning needs. In the face of difficult-to-clean areas such as carpets, it also provides an automatic lifting mopping module, allowing it to identify the carpet early and perform cleaning operations that only vacuum but not mop. In terms of cleaning, the S7 is equipped with a 470ml large-capacity dust box, which is enough to hold dirt collected from cleaning a whole house, but it needs to be cleaned up regularly to prevent bacteria growth.

4. Which are the best sweeping robots in 2021? Neato vacuum robot

The Neato vacuum robot D6 is equipped with a Turbo suction mode, which has a strong suction power of 3500Pa, which can effectively suck off dust on the ground or hidden dust in thick carpets. Moreover, it is also equipped with the 6th generation laser navigation technology, which navigates accurately even in a large-sized house, and it can also intelligently identify obstacles and establish a cleaning map. A cleaning cloth can be attached to D6 achieving a certain degree of wet mopping; however, it is not suitable for cleaning large areas.

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