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Bavala Finance Announces Its Blockchain-based Raffle, NFT Staking and Farming Protocols

New York, NY / SEAPRWire / September 15, 2021 / DeFi project Bavala Finance ( today announced its blockchain-based raffle game, farming protocol, and an innovative NFT staking program. The company is on a mission to drive mainstream DeFi adoption through gamification. In this vision, it offers a high-yield aggregator that offers extensive staking rewards, digital collectibles, and gamified participation within the ecosystem. Its easy-to-use yield aggregator product features curated best-in-class yield generation strategies from various protocols across DeFi on multiple chains. Bavala Finance automatically maximizes user rewards from different liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities within the Defi through a set of investment strategies secured and enforced by the smart contracts ecosystem.

Using the Bavala Farming mechanism, users can stake their respective tokens to earn higher APYs through Bavala Finance platform and get rewarded in BFT Token. With the establishment of BF farming, the team aims to incentivize users to provide liquidity for their favorite projects by rewarding them in respective tokens with an additional $BFT. 

The CEO, Thomas Bradley said, “We created this gamified NFT to provide better rewards to participants while at the same time earning the loyalty of $BFT Token holders.” 

Bavala Finance also features an innovative NFT staking program with NFT Share Cards whereby holders get daily rewards from a combined pool which is created through 1% of trading fee deducted from all trading activities happening within the Bavala NFT Marketplace. 

 The CEO, when inquired about the launch of NFT Staking, said: “Liquidity is a major challenge for NFTs as the ecosystem is still underdeveloped. NFTs are usually kept for holding them for a long time until they sufficiently appreciate in value. Thus, while the cryptographic asset may appreciate value over time, it has no monetary value until sold.”

 “Bavala NFT Staking Protocol features an innovative NFT Share Card to offer the much-needed liquidity to non-fungible tokens and provide recurring rewards on staking your NFTs. Powered by its dedicated NFT marketplace, the Bavala Share Card creates a pool of liquidity generated from the 1% fee deducted from trading activities within the marketplace. Thus, each NFT Cardholder gets a lucrative share from the pool.” The Thomas Continued.

A standout aspect of Bavala NFT is the added flexibility of transferring the ERC-721 token along with all the staked tokens wrapped within it. There’s no need to unstake your assets to cash out; you simply sell the NFT right on our marketplace. 

To learn more about Bavala Finance, join the Bavala Finance Telegram group or follow the project on Twitter.

About Bavala Finance

Bavala Finance is a decentralized yield aggregator platform that allows its users to earn compound interest through liquidity farming from all filtered pools in well-known DEXs.

Its protocol consisting of multiple smart contracts which divided into two sectors which are Conventional Defi (Earth) and Creative Defi (Galaxy). Bavala Finance is focused on reshaping and evolving how DeFi works completely while delivering the most thriving ecosystem ever designed for DeFi’s much needed advancements. BF believes the next game changer, converting messages into financial products with great user experience. It makes no difference from the typical banking app. Everything is just one click away and you are ready to go.

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